Valuations and Probates


At Henns Jewellers we offer various valuation services serving different purposes from the estimation of the jewellery you might look to sell to the professional valuation your insurance provider would require to insure your items.

For any Insurance or valuation assistance we are happy to help discuss which service is required via booking an appointment by phone or through our facebook page or simply coming into the store.


1. Valuation for Insurance

Why it is important to ensure your item is valued for insurance?

At Henns Jewellers we aim to provide you with the best services hence why we have chosen to recommend T H March personal jewellery insurance. This is a specialist insurance for jewellery and watches. The policies include 30 day travel and excess free amongst other benefits, please get in touch for further information and quotes.

Valuation for insurance replacement is based on replacement cost which is the retail price (including VAT) of replacing an item with an item of  the same or equivalent quality and value.

A valuation for insurance replacement does not reflect the figure likely to be obtained if the goods are sold as this fluctuates based on the demand, the metal price and based on the state of the item.

 Henn’s valuations provide a detailed report, complete with images usually within 2-3 weeks. John Henn, T.A. Henn’s managing Director has over 35 years of experience in the trade. He is a qualified member of the Institute of Registered Valuers or an IRV. He holds a Retail Jewellers Diploma (RJDip), he is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association (FGA), a qualified Diamond grader (DGA), a Guardian of the Birmingham Assay Office, he represents the UK retailers in Worldwide Conferences (CIBJO) etc…  All these skills acquired through various qualifications and experiences enable T.A. Henn to provide you with the best Valuation possible.

Please note these turnaround times can be affected by bank holidays and peak times such as Christmas.

When purchasing an item of jewellery from Henns over £1,000 your first valuation for insurance certificate will be issued Free of charge by Henns on request at the time of purchase. When having your jewellery re-evaluated, a charge as per below will apply seeing research will need to be carried out on your behalf to establish the up to date value of your item and all the paperwork will be redone for you.

For Valuation for Insurance we charge £135 for an item. More intricate items may have a slight surcharge on these prices as more research is required. For more details please feel free to come in store.

We would recommend having your jewellery re-valued every five years for its value to be kept up to date. In the event of an accidental loss, damage of theft, insurance providers may take advantage of an out of date valuation and not pay a realistic level of compensation.

2. Facsimile Valuation

This is an insurance valuation for the reproduction of an identical replica using the same quality of materials and craftsmanship.  This will take extra research to provide you with accurate information; therefore your charges will depend on the amount of additional research required.


3. Jewellery Valuation for Probate

We offer a discreet and professional valuation service to executers of a deceased person’s estate. We can provide you with a valuation certificate for the value of the item(s) if it was to be ‘converted into cash’ the day of the person’s death. In order to carry out a valuation for probate, we would require the name of the deceased person and the date of his/her death. You can either bring the items in store or we can come to visit the estate if it was secured at the bank. Just contact us for more details and you can book an appointment with us.


4. Valuation for private sale

If you desire to sell your jewellery, we can give you an idea of its value if you were to bring it into our store in Wolverhampton.


5. Expert witness

At Henns Jewellers, we are happy to share our expertise with you. Should you need a written letter to assist in dealing with a particular issue, we will be happy to look at it with an impartial eye and provide you with a written letter of our opinion on the matter. Please note that a fee will be charged for this service based on the time required to carry out the research on your behalf. Please contact us in store for more information.