Ear Piercing

Henn's Jewellers offers an ear piercing service in store right in the centre of Wolverhampton in a safe and pleasant and private environment.  Our staff will put you at ease with their experience in ear piercing and they hold a Certificate of Competence for ear piercing so you can be sure to be in safe hands.
We are Covid 19 compliant and ensure the appropriate PPE and government guidelines are followed to ensure your safety as well our staffs.
The latest equipment from the world’s largest supplier of ear piercing equipment is used at Henns. The tools we use are contained within a sterile capsule system.
We only charge from £30 for ear piercing and you can choose different types of earrings, the surgical steel (silver colour) or the surgical steel gold plated finish (yellow gold colour), known for their anti-allergic properties. There are also 9ct and stone set versions and titanium crystals. 
If you would like to have your ears pierced, simply give us a call or come in the store to book an appointment or through our Facebook page and we will be delighted to look after you.
After you have had your ears pierced it is very important to clean your pierced holes regularly to encourage the healing process and avoid any risks of infections.


Advice on ear piercing:
Surgical earrings to be left in for 6 weeks for the ear lobes and 12 weeks for the. cartilage (helix piercings).
Regular cleaning is highly recommended as the healing process can take up to 9 months.
Do not remove your earrings any longer than 24 hours in the first 6 months to ensure your pierced holes stay opened.
Cleanse - Cleanse ear lobe twice a day using a clean cotton swab, soaking both sides of the ear with ear care lotion. We would recommend using surgical spirit for the cleansing of your newly pierced ears.
Turn & Adjust – Whilst cleaning your pierced ears, turn the earrings 180 degrees each side ensuring they fit loosely for proper healing. Do not push clutches on tightly.

What to do if…

Minor pain or redness may occur immediately after an ear piercing, this is normal reaction. The pierced holes will normally settle within the first 48 hours if you keep them cleaned regularly. However, if any swelling or redness occurs any time after that we would recommend you to seek medical attention immediately without removing the earrings, simply to be o the safe side.
Note: We will not pierce children’s ears less than 8 years old. Any person under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must also sign to give their consent. If we are unsure of the age of the person to be pierced we may ask for proof of age/identity. If this proof cannot be presented or if we suspect the proof to be invalid we may refuse to do the piercing. We do not pierce other part of the body.