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At T.A. Henn, we offer the widest range of quality wedding rings in Wolverhampton with over 200 to choose from. We take great pride in being part of customer's happiest moments in their life and ensure we offer a choice of quality rings. We offer our own T.A. Henn wedding rings range as well as two other brands we have been working closely with for years: Brown & Newirth and Furrer Jacot.

T.A. Henn Wedding Rings
Brown & Newirth Wedding Rings
Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

Swiss made, for luxury wedding rings with a Difference

Since 1858, Switzerland-based manufacturer Furrer-Jacot has been specialising in customised engagement, diamond and wedding rings, ranging from traditional designs to breath-taking contemporary pieces.  Drawing on their unique knowledge of traditional handicraft passed down over generations, and employing the most innovative techniques, each piece is hand-made by specialised craftsmen at their facility in Schaffhausen.

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 The Furrer Jacot brand is known for their distinctive and bold designs demonstrating the high quality craftsmanship.  The marriage of century-proven handcrafting and state-of-the-art technology produces outstanding and exclusive results. Furrer-Jacot uses high quality platinum, gold and palladium alloys.  They suggest that you try on a ring to experience "wearing comfort".

They also break boundaries by incorporating carbon and titanium into their designs, so if you are looking for something beautifully different, look no further.

 The cut, carat, clarity and colour of diamonds is very important to Furrer-Jacot.  All diamonds in Furrer-Jacot products are conflict-free and are set by hand by experienced jewel setters. Their standard diamond quality is F/G, VS Clarity.  For smaller diamonds very good cuts are used to guarantee a "rich and sparkling" look.


The Furrer Jacot promise

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Unique designs
  • Luxury wedding rings
  • Made to order wedding rings
  • Shape to Fit/Bespoke wedding rings
  • Choice of various styles, metals, sizes

For any Wedding Rings requirements please come and talk to your local jeweller who is interested in ensuring you are satisfied for the long term.