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Engraving – Hand, Machine, Seal

We offer an engraving service from our Wolverhampton store to personalise your jewellery, watches (where suitable) or gifts such as frames, cufflinks, tie bars, tankards etc…

A personalised item is the ideal present for special occasions. Click here for more ideas on personalised gifts.

Different types of engraving are available depending on the type of results you are looking for:

  • Hand engraving
  • Machine Engraving
  • Seal Engraving

Hand & Machine engraving

Hand engraving is perfect for a more customised writing, design or drawing. It has spirit and anything can be reproduced with hand engraving.

I.e: John Henn reached the summit of Mont Blanc with a friend in May 2011, raising money for charity. A pewter frame was engraved with their climb profile to commemorate this extreme event.
All you need is an idea and you can make a gift truly special for somebody by personalising it.

Machine engraving generally requires an item to be of a certain profile, and you would have the possibility to choose between fewer fonts, the up side is the reduced cost.

A choice of font is provided for both types of engraving, so just come in store and a member of the team will be very happy to explain the various options in details depending on what you have in mind.


Seal Engraving

“A Seal” is a wax impression of a Coat of Arms or monogram that can be attached to a document as evidence of authenticity.  

“Seal engraving” is the cutting of the design into a ring used to achieve this wax impression. Creating this is a special skill due to the intricacy in the design of the various family crestes, and it has to be cut into the surface in reverse so that the impression produced is the correct way round.