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Our Ethics

At T.A. Henn we are committed to enriching lives by promoting responsible, ethical, human rights, social and environmental practises throughout our business, our employees and our business partners, which include the complete supply chain for all products.

We comply with UK legislation, and fully support the sentiments and applicable codes of practise relating to CIBJO, http://www.cibjo.org The Responsible Jewellery Council,  http://www.responsiblejewellery.com  The Kimberley Process, http://www.kimberleyprocess.com, No Dirty Gold Campaign, http://nodirtygold.earthworksaction.org , and our own behaviours.

We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of our daily business lives comply with our Ethical Policy in a fully integrated manner with every employee being accountable for ensuring they play their part. This covers every element and process within our business.

We are constantly working towards reducing our carbon footprint by recycling wherever possible and by improving the efficiency of the tools and technology used to reduce the amount of energy required.