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White Gold Engagement Rings

At T.A. Henn, family jewellers, we choose all our White Gold Engagement Rings with the same attention to detail as our diamonds and gemstones, never compromising on quality.

We offer a wide range of 9ct and 18ct white gold engagement rings all chosen with passion in our beautiful showroom in many styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

White Gold & Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

A Gem of an Engagement Ring

Have you thought about a gemstone engagement ring?

An engagement ring really comes to life with beautiful gemstones, it is simply down to personal preferences. Our advice would be to keep the hardness of the stone in mind as some gemstones are softer than others. It is worth taking this into consideration for a ring destined to be worn every day.

Based on the Mohs scale used to grade gemstones hardness, Sapphire and Ruby come directly after Diamonds.



T.A. Henn can source the ring of your Dreams

If you are after a specific style of ring we are always happy to source it for you from our long established and trusted network of suppliers and goldsmiths.


T.A. Henn can design the Ring of your Dreams 


Examples of engagement rings recently created

Example : Bespoke design         

  1. The Client chose a fantastic quality mount
  2. The high quality diamond was selected separately for a perfect combination.
  3. The Result - a beautiful and personalised engagement Ring