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We have a passion for beautiful quality diamonds at T.A. Henn. Our stones have been carefully selected and handpicked, John Henn who has acquired over 30 years experience in the jewellery industry and has amongst his qualifications the converted DGA, Gem Diamond Diploma.

At T.A. Henn, we give you the knowledge to make an informed choice to suit your aspirations and budget. Starting you on a relationship with ‘your diamond’ that will last for many years.

We offer a wide range of beautiful made up diamond rings including engagement rings, three stones rings, eternity rings, cocktail rings, designer rings, wedding rings, black diamond rings and more….in our beautiful store located on your door step in the centre of Wolverhampton.

Whether you are after a ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet, bangle or any other piece of diamond set jewellery we can help… It can be a timeless and elegant piece or something a little more unusual come in our store to talk to us and we will gladly help. You might consider our Bespoke Design or Jewellery Commission Service if you are after something unique.

The Diamond Reality

Buying diamond jewellery has become a minefield with the sale of diamond jewellery online, it has completely changed customers perception. By buying online everything might lead you to think you will receive a better deal than on the ‘high street’ however there are a number of elements to consider before anybody can claim such a statement:
- Diamonds - Can you physically choose between the diamonds you may be interested in? Are they real diamonds or are they on a global list?  Can you see the difference in grading for yourself? Are you sure it is not a pre-owned diamond? Are you sure it is a recent diamond cut?
i.e: This year we have had a case where a lady was sold a significant old cut diamonds ring as new, when the stone was clearly cut at the beginning of the last century.  There are too many cases of miss selling so don’t let you become another statistic.

- Certification - How is the independent grading laboratory who certified the diamond rated? Are you aware a retailer’s diamond certificate is only a subjective opinion on the diamond grading rather than an official report based on facts?

Diamonds are generally certificated by independent international laboratories all basing their grading on the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) standards. However, despite the existence of these standards one prominent independent lab operating all over the world has been discredited for over specifying the position of a stone within these standards, therefore creating a falsely inflated value from which a discount is offered. In other words, clear misrepresentation. This occurred only recently in the trade but is not widely discussed online, the company is still trading today although it claims to have addressed this issue. Unfortunately when money is involved ‘opinions’ can be bought.

- Quality – How can an item of jewellery be compared on a like for like basis when being non-branded when key elements such as manufacturing, alloys, finish and weight can have such an impact on the quality and price an item? What criteria’s are used?

We hate to see people disappointed with their online, or cruise line purchase, coming to our store to see if their ring is worth what they paid for it or questioning why stones have become loose or lost, generally because the metal securing them was found to be very poorly produced resulting in the collapse of the settings. 

Our Advice

John Henn’s advice is ‘if you would like to buy jewellery just consider that most tourist based Jewellers are only interested in themselves and how much they can sell you, they treat us like idiots and confuse most of us with nonsense all the time looking earnest and innocent. It is a great skill they learn at an early age.’

Nowadays, many people buy jewellery, however more and more people are losing sight of what beautifully jewellery actually is. This has been our speciality for over 165 years as a family independent company.

There is a fundamental difference between ‘good enough finish’ and a ‘jewellery finish’, the irony is there is not much difference in the cost but a world of difference in the article. We have your interest at heart, as beautiful jewellery is our passion. We can offer you truly amazing pieces you deserve on your doorstep, in the centre of Wolverhampton so come and talk to us to find out more.

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Our T.A. Henn promise:

  • Our diamonds are conflict free & ethically sourced
  • Our diamonds are expertly cut to maximise the beauty of each of them
  • Our diamonds are brand new (not second hand sold as new!)
  • Our diamonds are set in the highest quality mounts and setting for all types of diamond jewellery
  • Our diamonds are in store
  • We also can have access to a worldwide network of diamonds to suit your requirements that you could see in the store

A few Diamond Facts:

Diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man. It is 58 times harder that the next hardest mineral. A rare and pure gift created by nature, formed between 60 million and 3.3 billion years ago.

The diamond has a pure, natural, and breath-taking beauty brought alive by the way it handles light. The sparkle, the scintillation and the fire physically differentiates it from other gemstones.


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